Skip Hoist Cable Dumper
  From Drums of Powdered Chemicals, to Tote Bins of Plastic Pellets, a Skip Hoist Cable Dumper is the solution for discharging the contents of any container into your Process System.

We have manufactured Skip Hoist Cable Dumpers for all industries from Automobile Parts Manufacturing to Waste Disposal.

Skip Hoist Cable Dumper Capacities range from as little as 25 pounds for additives batching, too as high as 30,000 pounds for dumpsters of mined ore. Dumping heights of up to 165 feet have been provided with speeds exceeding 250 Feet Per Minute in steel production facilities.

All forms of containers can be handled by the Skip Hoist Cable Dumper such as Carts, Boxes, Drums and Tote Bins with sizes from 12" wide x 12" long to 12’-0" wide x 20’-0" long. Loading of the platform can be done manually, via forklift truck or automatically with a conveyor or AGV.

Bulk items such as Aggregates, Soils, Fly Ash, Metal Scrap, etc. can be handled using a skip designed for accepting loose materials and loaded with conveyors, feeders or bucket loaders. Industries such as Steel, Mining, and Recycling are typical for these applications.

Each piece of equipment Skip Hoist Cable Dumper , even though they all work similarly, are individually designed to meet the exact customer requirements. All aspects of the project are reviewed and a complete set of engineering documents is submitted for the customer to review, no matter how small the job.

All components used in the manufacture of the Skip Hoist Cable Dumper are heavy duty, industrial quality and sourced in the USA. We only use brands such as Allen Bradley, SEW-Eurodrive, and SKF to name a few.
Skip Hoist Dumper
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