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2-Post Material Lift and 4-Post Material Lift

Our 2-Post and 4-Post Material Lifts are the best choice for heavy use, high lift applications such as multi-story buildings and process towers. 2-Post Material lifts are most suitable for difficult installations in tight quaters like thru-floor or exsisting shafts as in elevator replacments. 4-Post Material Lifts are most suitable for new construction, adjacent to floors or mezzanines and outdoor installations. they are even strong enough to hang siding materials on to match your building exterior.

2-Post and 4-Post material Lifts are available with lifting heights up to and exceeding 150 feet. Platform sizes up 20' wide x 20' long have been provided with capacities as high as 25,000 pounds and more. The standard operating speed is 20 feet per minute, but speeds as much as 265 feet per minute in high cycle automatic applications can be provided. Access openings can be on opposite, the same, or adjacent sides or a combination of all three.

Our Material Lifts are designed to be modular in construction and pre-assembled to minimize installation time. All controls are pre-wired to also help reduce installation time. Each lift includes an enclosure with saftey gates and interlocks at each floor to prevent lift access when the platform is not present and from operating the lift if the gates are open. Swing gates are provided as standard equipment. If the lift is to be installed in a fire rated shaft, interlocks only will be provided to interface with customer provided doors

The lift platform is raised using high strength wire rope with a winding drum or traction drives and is guided using 6" minimum wide flange rails in 2-Post models or elevator tee rails in 4-Post models. Guide rollers are machined steel with sealed-for-life ball bearings. Sliding or roller guide shoes will be used with 4-Post models depending on speed and capacity and are designed for use with the elevator tee rails to provide a smooth and quiet ride. We use elevator quality components wherever practical do to their availability, durability and proven reliability under high use.

Optional equipment that can be provided to enhance safety or operation includes, A ramp at the lower level if a pit is not desirable, complete platform enclosure and interlocked gate(s) to protect against unstable loads, vertically rising or sliding gates in lieu of swing gates, watertight or explosion proof controls platform conveyors for automatically loading and unloading the car and many others.

All required saftey systems are build into each lift as required by the ASME/ANSI B20.1 coe such as backstop safety, slack switches and platform railings. Each lift is designed with a minimum 5:1 service factor as required by minimum hoisting and lifting standards. Only high quality, USA sourced components are used in our lifts.

4-Post Material Lift


2 Post Material Lift
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