Hydraulic Dumper
  When you need to discharge the contents of a container, the Hydraulic Dumper is the answer. Designed and manufactured to match your specific requirements, an Essex-Rise Hydraulic Dumper will perform as intended upon delivery.

Containers we’ve handled range from as small as a 35 pound (5) gallon pail of pigments to a 15,000 pound steel storage boxes, 96" wide x 60" long x 72" high, of contaminated waste.

Dumping heights for a Hydraulic Dumper are usually in the lower range of around 48"-72", but are commonly provided up to 40’-0" when requirements such as discharge angles greater than 45° is required. Hydraulic Dumpers are used in Industries such as Automobile Parts, Building Products, Chemicals, Food and Beverage, Home Products, Waste Reclamation, etc.

Typical examples are; dumping tote bins of small parts into finishing equipment, dumping steel totes of chopped fiberglass for manufacturing roofing shingles, dumping cardboard gaylords of polyurethane pellets into an extruder, dumping bales of plastic bottles onto a conveyor for sorting and separating, etc. Lift & Seal models are available which are used to control dusting, eliminate product contamination and meter flow.

Each Dust Hood is individually designed to match each container and in most cases can be adapted for use with multiple container sizes. The Dust Hood outlet can be configured with many types of valves or discharge devices such as delumpers or airlocks.

Discharge angles up to 180° can be provided with steep chute angles to aid in product flow and maintain mass flow characteristics. Each piece of Hydraulic Dumper equipment is individually designed to meet the exact customer requirements. All aspects of the project are reviewed and a complete set of engineering documents is submitted for the customer to review, no matter how small the job.

Typical options a customer may need are; Stainless Steel contact surfaces, Special skip liners, Corrosion or Food Grade finishes, Explosion Proof controls, Vibration, etc.

All components used in the manufacture of the Hydraulic Dumper are heavy duty, industrial quality and sourced in the USA. We only use brands such as Allen Bradley Controls, Vickers Hydraulics, and SKF Bearings to name a few.
  Hydraulic Dumper
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